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EASTPAK bags are already famous for reflecting their users' personalities, almost becoming an extension of their own bodies. Now they have become an extension of the world's foremost creative minds as well, thanks to the EASTPAK Artist Studio. 77 of the continent’s most creative personalities have been selected to produce original creations from a number of limited edition 'blank' EASTPAK bags. The artists have been selected from different backgrounds and include painters, sculptors and poets as well as musicians, graffiti artists and television personalities. EASTPAK is proud to support this select group of artists and the communities that feed their inspiration. All proceeds of sales of these one-of-a-kind creations will be donated to a local charity organisation in each participating country.

EASTPAK Artist Studio. A bag that's as original as you are.


Super Katerina

Super Katerina


Super Katerina was born and raised in Athens. Having studied graphic design and photography, she founded Sugar Line Productions in 1999, a project comprising visual arts applications and aesthetic proposals. She was actively involved in Trash Art ‘99 and Recycle Art ‘00. In 2001 and 2002 her collections ‘Plastic Is A Girl’s Best Friend’ (handbags, jewels and lights) and ‘Tribute’ (sous-plats) were exhibited at the art store of the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art. Her work has been the subject of several group and solo exhibitions. In 2006, she opened her own showroom and in 2008 her collection ‘A.A.H. Animals Against Humanity’ was featured at the Benaki Museum shop. Her ironic, romantic and nostalgically artistic jewellery can still be found there.


Η Σούπερ Κατερίνα γεννήθηκε και μεγάλωσε στην Αθήνα. Σπούδασε γραφικές τέχνες και φωτογραφία. Tο 1999 ξεκινά το Sugar Line Productions, ένα project παραγωγής εικαστικών εφαρμογών και αισθητικών προτάσεων. Ασχολήθηκε ενεργά με τις διοργανώσεις Trash Art ‘99 και Recycle Art ‘00.Tο 2001 και 2002 οι σειρές της ‘’Plastic Is A Girl’s Best Friend’’και‘’Tribute’’, εκτίθενται προς πώληση στο art store του Κέντρου Σύγχρονης Τέχνης Του Ιδρύματος ΔΕΣΤΕ.Έργα της έχουν παρουσιαστεί σε ομαδικές και ατομικές εκθέσεις. Το 2006 ανοίγει το δικό της showroom. Το 2008 η σειρά της ‘’A.A.H. Animals Against Humanity’’παρουσιάζεται στο πωλητήριο του Μουσείου Μπενάκη. Εκεί εξακολουθούν να φιλοξενούνται τα εικαστικά της κοσμήματα σε ύφος ειρωνικό, ρομαντικό και νοσταλγικό.